Lazy Lizard



The Lazy Lizard started life as a bus terminal, then it became a curio shop, then a coffee shop/Internet caffe. Today it serves great food, and its a place to get information about whats good to see in the region around Prince Albert, and as a place to get a B&B booking.

The 'Lizard is a pleasantly lively and homely place. Something is always going on, and the atmosphere is great. The food is far better than you'll get in almost any other cafe outside of Prince Albert, at suprisingly competitive prices. To be honest, I think their prices are far too low considering the quality of food and service.

You can be sure that if you visit the 'Lizard, you'll have a good time, and if you buy anything there, you won't be disappointed.

The Lazy Lizard has an Internet Cafe, where you can use their computers, or connect your own laptop to the wireless access point. You can also get computer advice, and they supply various computer parts, networks, or complete computer systems.



Eatery, Real food restaurant, vegan or vegetarian options,

Take-aways, Coffees and Cakes, Lunches, Cattering, Fresh Bread, etc.

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Every Monday from 5pm to 7pm Hamburger and chips take away

Every Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm Fish and chips take away

Every Sunday from 5pm to 7pm Pizza take away



Local Art, Post Cards, Books, Paintings, Newspaper, Brochures, Maps, etc



Creams, Soaps, Shampoos, Lotions, etc.



Wireless access point, Desktops available, Wi-Fi



Id photos, Passport photos, Business cards, Pamphlets, A4 and A3 printing, 

Laminating A4 and A3



Embroidery on Linen, Towels, T-Shirts, Bags, Leather, etc

Professional Digitizing, of artwork in jpg, bmp, and other formats




Bed and Breakfast, Self-Catering, Caravan Park



Sales and repairs, Spare parts, Ink and Toners,



Address: 9 Church Street, PRINCE ALBERT, Western Cape, P.O. Box2, Prince Albert 6930,

Western Cape, South Africa

Tel/Fax: +27 (0)23 5411 379, Cell: +27 (0)71 103 8079

Contact: Juan Pastrana